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Floating monitoring against a modern brick wall

Transforming your office with a feature wall

One of the most popular ways to transform a room in to something more modern and bold is to use a feature wall. Reddit user chrsk has gone one further, by creating something that can be easily removed in future (think rental place) and also


Ugmonk – Pennsylvania, USA

I’ve been a fan of Ugmonk for a few years now, I own a few of their t-shirts and have always liked their clean approach to design, often mixing modern minimalism and bold colours with traditional typography and influences. Jeff Sheldon runs Ugmonk and kindly answered


Tubik Studio – Ukraine

Today we head over to Ukraine to take a look in to the close-knit family that makes up Tubik Studio – a cool bunch of guys and girls (and a Dachshund!) who create some very impressive looking material – from responsive web designs to pixel-perfect mobile


Fred AKA Beasty – France

I first spotted Beasty’s setup on this Dribbble post during my routinely scroll through the most popular posts of the day. As someone that used to be a carpenter, I’m a sucker for a big solid wooden desk, this post instantly captured my attention. Once captured, I


Vadim Sherbakov – Moscow, Russia

Something I admire greatly, is when someone manages to create a blend of modern and vintage that really works. I saw this workspace on Dribbble, where it received a lot of love, and I knew it’d be the first post on Desk Inspire! Tell us

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Welcome to Desk Inspire! I’ve always loved seeing the different work environments people use to design, develop, write or anything in between. There’s a myriad of reasons why, but it all falls down to making things feel more human. It’s cool to see what monitor, graphics